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At Honeycutt Landscaping Inc, we’re not just lawn care experts; we’re enthusiasts dedicated to bringing out the best in your lawn. Our services cater to homeowners looking for that extra edge in lawn appeal.

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Seamless Lawn Solutions

When it comes to lawn care services, seamless solutions are essential for a hassle-free experience. Honeycutt Landscaping Inc. offers a streamlined approach to make the entire lawn care process as smooth as possible. Our dedicated team of lawn care professionals will guide you through every step, ensuring clear communication and transparency.

1. Customized Lawn Care Programs:

Your lawn is unique, and it deserves a tailored approach. We go beyond the standard to provide specialized lawn care that suits the specific needs of your lawn, considering factors like soil type, grass species, and local climate conditions.

2. Superior Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control:

Utilizing advanced techniques and high-quality products, we ensure your lawn receives the perfect balance of nutrients every 6-8 weeks. Our comprehensive weed control strategy keeps your lawn pristine, targeting everything from common dandelions to clover.

Lawn fertilizer spreader for residential lawn care
  • Lawn Fertilization Nutrients:

    • Granular fertilizer
    • Liquid fertilizer
    • Nitrogen fertilizer (helps grass growth)
    • Potassium fertilizer (helps overall grass health)
    • Potash fertilizer
  • Weed Prevention and Lawn Weed Control:

    • Top grade products
    • Professionally licensed ensuring weeds are killed, and not your grass
    • Includes treatments of most weeds. Crabgrass, in most cases, does not need treatments if the correct pre-emergent is used
  • Lime treatment for your lawn:

    • Lime application is dependent on a soil test and needs of each residential lawn individually
    • Lime helps soil that is too acidic balance out and become more alkaline = less appealing for weed growth which thrive in acidic soil

3. Lawn Fungus Control:

Dead grass caused by lawn fungus photo

At Honeycutt Landscaping Inc., we offer a comprehensive fungicide program, customizing treatments to your lawn’s specific grass type and fungal issues every 30 days. Our approach includes continuous, both preventive and targeted applications of contact and systemic fungicides throughout the fungus season. This strategy ensures thorough protection and treatment, effectively managing and preventing the spread of fungus in your lawn.

4. Expert Aeration and Seeding Services:

Aerator for Honeycutt Landscaping Inc photo in Charlotte NC

We specialize in transforming thin, patchy lawns into lush, green spaces. Our core aeration and seeding process is designed to revitalize your lawn, allowing for deeper root growth and nutrient absorption. Aeration creates channels in compacted soil, enhancing oxygen, water, and fertilizer absorption. This is followed by seeding with our premium grass seed, ensuring a dense, healthy lawn. Our skilled technicians carefully perform each step 1-2x a year, leaving your lawn ready for powerful growth.

5. Effective Pest Control:

Army worm removal from lawn

Armyworms can be a nightmare for any lawn, capable of causing extensive damage in a short period. At Honeycutt Landscaping Inc., we specialize in swift and effective armyworm control. Our expert team uses advanced liquid treatment options to protect your lawn from these voracious pests. Whether it’s a preventive measure to stop armyworms before they start or a fast-acting treatment for existing infestations, we’ve got you covered.

Our single-application insecticide treatment is designed to cover your entire lawn, providing long-lasting protection and peace of mind. Trust Honeycutt Landscaping for prompt, professional service and ensure your lawn remains lush and armyworm-free.

Fire ant removal for lawn care servicesFire ant colonies, typically found in warm, sunny spots like lawns, garden beds, near sidewalks, around trees and bushes, or close to buildings, can become a real problem. These ants not only build large mounds that mess up the appearance of your yard but also pose a danger. When bothered, fire ants are known to aggressively attack, delivering stings that are not only extremely painful but can also be life-threatening for some individuals.

Our team of lawn care experts is highly skilled in identifying and treating fire ant infestations. We thoroughly inspect your property to locate these pesky colonies and then apply a specialized treatment for fire ant removal. This treatment is not only effective in getting rid of existing fire ant mounds but also acts as a preventive measure to keep your lawn free from these ants for up to one year.

Grub worm removal from lawn

We understand the havoc that grub worms can wreak on your lawn, eating on grassroots and causing significant damage. Our effective grub control service is designed to tackle these pests head-on. With a single application of our commercial-grade insecticide, we target grub worms throughout your lawn, providing immediate and effective extermination. Our approach not only eliminates existing grubs but also prevents future infestations, ensuring your lawn remains healthy and vibrant. Trust our licensed experts for grub worm control and say goodbye to lawn damage caused by these destructive pests.


Moles and voles can be big trouble for your yard! They dig tunnels and create mounds that make your lawn look messy. If you’re finding these signs, it might mean moles or voles are around.

  • Moles: Moles are about as long as your hand, dark gray or brown, and have big, strong paws for digging. They’ve got long snouts and lots of whiskers to feel around in their tunnels. Their fur stands up to help them feel around underground.
  • Voles: Voles are about as big as your palm, look a bit like mice. They’re brown or gray and have smaller paws because they don’t dig much. Instead, they often use tunnels made by moles.

Moles love eating things like earthworms, so specific bait we use mimics this and attracts them. Once they eat it, it works to get rid of them. The bait we use is really effective because it’s designed to smell and taste like what moles and voles love to eat. Once they take the bait, it helps to stop them from damaging your yard.


6. Advanced Weed Control for Planting Beds:

Are you tired of weeds taking over your beautiful flower beds? Honeycutt Landscaping Inc. offers expert weed control services to keep your planting beds pristine and healthy. We understand that weeds can be more than just an eyesore—they can also rob your flowers and plants of essential nutrients and space. That’s why we provide weed control treatments for your garden beds 2x/year.

  • Pre-Emergent Treatment:

This service is all about prevention. Our pre-emergent treatment stops weeds before they even start growing. We apply it to your flower beds to prevent weed seeds from germinating, ensuring that your flowers have all the room they need to flourish without competing with weeds.

  • Selective Post-Emergent Weed Control:

For weeds that have already sprouted, our post-emergent treatment is the solution. This method targets and selectively eliminates fully grown weeds, clearing your flower beds and giving your plants the space they need to grow.


At Honeycutt Landscaping Inc., we personalize our Fertilization & Weed Control program to fit each customer’s specific needs. We take into account the type of grass you have in your lawn and provide the exact nutrients and weed control required for each season. Our team consists of local experts who understand the unique characteristics and requirements of lawns in our community, ensuring that your lawn receives care as if it were our own.

Recognizing lawn fungus is key to maintaining a healthy lawn. Typically, lawn fungi thrive in the moistest areas of your yard. Signs of a fungal issue include patches of grass that turn brown and die off. These patches can start small but may spread rapidly, indicating a serious fungal infection. If you notice these symptoms, it’s important to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage.

At Honeycutt Landscaping Inc., we advise annual core aeration for all types of lawns to promote healthy grass growth and soil health. However, when it comes to seeding, it depends on the type of grass in your lawn. Cool-season grasses, like Tall Fescue, benefit from yearly seeding to maintain their lushness. On the other hand, warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine, are well-adapted to warmer climates. These grass types naturally go dormant in winter and revive as temperatures rise, eliminating the need for annual reseeding. IF they are hybrids, however, you cannot reseed these.

At Honeycutt Landscaping Inc., we provide preventative and post-infestation treatments depending on the situation of your lawn. Preventative treatments happen in the spring to keep armyworms at bay when they are active, which is typically late spring to late summer. Post-infestation treatments are performed one time if you already have an infested lawn to quickly stop armyworms from doing more damage.

To check for grubs, look for these signs:

Brown, Dry Patches: Your lawn may have irregular brown spots.

Loose Grass: If the grass lifts easily from the soil, it might indicate grub activity.

Visible Grubs: Check under the turf for small, c-shaped grubs. More than 10 per square foot is a sign of serious infestation.

If you notice these signs, contact Honeycutt Landscaping Inc. for prompt treatment.

Our Fire Ant Control program targets the entire colony, including the queen, using a strategic approach:

Granular Bait: We use a special granular bait that worker ants mistake for food.

Colony Distribution: These worker ants take the bait back to their nest, sharing it with the queen, larvae, and other ants.

Effective Results: The bait, though appearing as food, is lethal to the ants. It typically takes about 6-8 weeks to completely eliminate all fire ant mounds in your lawn.

This thorough method ensures the entire colony is addressed, providing long-lasting relief from fire ants.

Moles and voles dig in yards looking for food that insectivores love including: grub worms, earthworms, and other insects they find in their tunnels while digging. This is a sign of a healthy ecosystem, however. They are active year-round because do not hibernate.

At Honeycutt Landscaping, Inc, we treat plant and flower beds twice a year for both pre and post-emergent weed control treatment plans. Each individual yard needs will determine the plan that is unique to each customer.

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